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Judy P.
2 out of 5
The work was good but they didn't contact our insurance are us in a timely manner. A lot of miss communication on there part. To many people telling us different things like our warranty had run out when its good until 2024 .
Edward D.
2 out of 5
Overall all the work was done to my satisfaction. My concerns are that I made an appointment to have the work done. I brought the RV on the date that I reserved and was told that the vehicle would be ready by the following Thursday/Friday. I called on the date I was told to call and the RV hadn’t been worked on. I was told that it would be worked on Monday and should be completed by Tuesday. I called on Tuesday and was told it hadn’t been completed. I was told they were backed up. I eventually did get my camper and as I said, everything was done to my satisfaction. I just believe that if I make an appointment to have worked on the work should be done as promised. Had I known it would’ve taken a additional two weeks I may have gone camping in Lou of bringing it in for work. Also I spent a lot of time on the phone trying to find out what the status of the job was. I called at the requested time for the service person but it was clear based on the conversations that he had to go asking for the information and it was not readily available. I don’t fault him for not having the information from the text but I would think that there should be a better system for him to know what the status is on a RV. That would help both the customer and the employee not to waste so much time. Mike was very friendly and helpful during the entire process.
Kent B.
2 out of 5
What RV?
Jeff H.
3 out of 5
Would have been nice to get an update every once in a while as my camper was there for 6 weeks
Kimberly H.
1 out of 5
Your facility destroyed our motor home. And nothing has been done to replace it.
Serita L.
1 out of 5
Kept for weeks and could not find a replacement for air conditioner shroud yet another repairman got one in two days. Took off my closet door and took it apart and left it. Never replaced it. Ruined my batteries and did not replace them even after I requested they be replaced. Installed my headlights incorrectly. Was supposed to have a thorough inspection yet engine fluids were low so that tells me the inspection was not done. Never replaced the air compressor hose.
Brenda H.
3 out of 5
If I had it to do all over again. I would never buy from OpenRoadsRV, and I would never recommend to a friend (or enemy). Not a pleasant experience, at all.
Alex A.
4 out of 5
All went well until I found out that the repair could not be completed by open roads and I had to take it to another RV service center which I had to locate on my own only to find out that service center is less than 5 miles from your location. On the same road.
Randy H.
4 out of 5
Very informative, about my problem.
Richie B.
1 out of 5
Shannon Is new to the situation so my frustration should not be reflected on her. It’s been about the way the service has been for 3 1/2 months waiting on my unit to be fixed and now it still has open issues that requires another return to the dealer. I have been introduced to 11 people throughout this process and Sam Rainey has been the only one to date to actually get something done. I hope my experience gets better going forward.
Sheila L.
5 out of 5
Great service
Ron N.
2 out of 5
Will never use Openroads again
Sheila L.
3 out of 5
Soo very sorry about the fire. Sam told me when I was in the other day. Didn’t get the tires checked because of No air compressor. Hopefully you will get it fixed and let me know when you can put air in my tires on my unit. Jeff Lear
Mara C.
2 out of 5
Not one item on our repair list was crorrected
Steve A.
4 out of 5
Thank you for washing our entire unit. . Dana was very professional and kept me in the loop on status. Angel was very informative and helped me understand how he is going to fix our RV.
Carla K.
5 out of 5
Our experience with Dana was very professional and dependable. Open Roads needs to clone him as a service manager.
Don A.
3 out of 5
Took way too long but Michael did a great job getting us finished up.
Johnny H.
4 out of 5
It was okay I thought everything was covered under the open road warranty but I will take it up with them at a later time thank you so much
Faith B.
5 out of 5
Great people. Honest and caring
Diana S.
5 out of 5
Quick service and professional Thanks


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