About Us

AutoRepair-Review.com was created for New and Used Car Dealership Service Centers as an alternative to review sites that allow anyone on the web to leave a review for a business, even if they have never been a customer.

Not one single online review site focuses solely on dealer service centers, and none of the review sites have a process for determining if the reviewer is a real customer of the dealership. AutoRepair-Review.com set out to change that.


Why Can You Trust AutoRepair-Review.com?

Trust is a hard thing to earn, but easy to lose. Our entire business philosophy is built on earning your trust, and helping you trust the professional dealership service technicians and dealership staff employees who will be servicing your vehicle.

That’s why we post all reviews, the good and the bad. We will never filter dealer service department reviews to “help” a dealership center appears better than they are. We also have a system to prevent phony or fake reviews from being posted to our site. At AutoRepair-Review.com don’t rely on some mathematical algorithm like other review sites. All the reviews on our site come from real verified customers of the new or used car dealership service center you are researching or looking for reviews on.


How We Get Our Auto Service Center Customer Reviews?

Our reviews are unique in the two different ways:

Actual customer satisfaction surveys:  The consumer reviews for AutoRepair-Review.com come from a single question answered by you, the local service center customer. We use your response to measure your overall satisfaction level of your recent auto dealer service experience. With your permission, your feedback is shared for the local dealership service center that provided your services.

Online Posting:  We do allow reviews to be provided online from our site directly, however you must login with a Facebook or Google ID to verify your identity. This is to ensure that the local dealership service center reviews on our site are valid, legitimate and most of all, REAL.


One Stop Auto Service Center Shopping

We don’t just stop at auto dealer service center reviews. We also give you the tools you need to evaluate each auto dealer service center, find local shops near you, tour their service center facilities, and schedule automotive service appointment, all with one or two clicks. Picking a qualified auto dealer service center shouldn't have to be a hassle, AutoRepair-Review.com makes it easy for you to find local dealer service centers that you can trust, because the customer that have reviewed them on our site trust them too.


Feature AutoRepair-Review.com Other Review Sites
Reviews Can be Manipulated   Check mark
Competition Can Post Reviews   Check mark
Customers Can Post Reviews Check mark Check mark
All Reviews Verified as Actual Customers Check mark  
Reviews Provide SEO Value and Promotes SEO Ranking Check mark Check mark
Easy to Set Up Check mark Check mark
Mobile Friendly Check mark Check mark
Share on Social Media Check mark Check mark
Promotes Business Transparency Check mark  
Automatically Request Reviews Check mark  
Reviews Provide Actionable Feedback Check mark  
Review Invite Interface with UpdatePromise.com & Others  Check mark  
Industry Certification Branding/Interface (ASE, AC DELCO,AAA, Etc) Check mark  
Online Appointment Scheduling with Automated Notification Check mark  
Web Service API for Loading Reviews to Your Website Check mark