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How Auto Repair Review Works

Actual Customers Write Real Reviews

We are different from other Dealership Service Center Review Sites, and this is because our reviews come directly from verified auto service center customers. These verified customers have had an actual service or repair at the dealer service center they are reviewing on our listings. That means all verified customer who have provided feedback on their repairs have done so through our review site’s feedback gathering mechanism. The feedback gathering mechanism connects directly with auto dealer service center customers after their repairs have been completed or service has been completed. Our patented service center customer sentiment scoring algorithm ranks satisfaction based on the actual words and natural language used in the customer’s feedback. Unlike other review sites that allow anyone to write a review or rely on mathematical algorithms to weed out fake reviews, our system eliminates the possibilities of fake service center reviews before anything is ever written by the supposed customer. Reviewers must complete a verification process to ensure they are actual customers of the Dealer Service Center that they are trying to leave a review for.


We post all of the customer reviews from the Dealership Service Centers using our system. The good and the bad. This allows customers to see that the Dealership is being completely transparent with their customers. We also provide all the contact details including directions, phone numbers and address of the dealership service center. This way, when you pick a service center with great reviews to service your new or used vehicle, you can contact them directly through our site! Our ratings system:’s natural language review system allows for a customer to complete a review that rates their overall vehicle service or repair experience. Our algorithm, which we call the ‘consumer sentiment engine’, looks at the words the customer used in the review and assigns a satisfaction rating based on the natural language of that customer. This system has been proven by over 9 million consumers from over 12,000 businesses across the country. We know Auto Dealer Service Centers. You can trust for all your new and used car dealer services.

You Make the Decision.

The ultimate right to choose where your car is repaired lies with you, the car owner. with you have the ability to search for an auto service center, study that dealerships customer reviews, read about the service or repair shop and make an appointment for any service or repair all from one spot, eliminating the need to jump from website to website.

Get valuable unbiased auto service and repair information.

Our site even features blog articles about everything from dealer service centers to what's happening in the world of automotive repair and service, advanced vehicle technology and safety. is your one stop shop for local automotive and car dealership resources. 

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