UpdatePromise.com integrated with CDK Global as Bi-Directional Partner

by Richard Pannazzo - Fri, Apr 15, 2016 4:37 PM

www.UpdatePromise.com releases UpdatePromise360 for Automotive Dealerships!

CDK Global believes dealerships own their data and should have choices on how best to share and use it.
Our Third-Party Access Program lets you choose the vendors with whom you want to securely share your

We offer vendors Managed Bi-Directional Integration, our most secure integration to your CDK Dealer
Management System (DMS). I am pleased to announce that UpdatePromise.com’s Update Promise now
uses Managed Bi-Directional Integration from the CDK Third-Party Access Program.
Managed Bi-Directional Access features:

  • Pre-Defined Integration Points (PIPs) with bi-directional (read/write) and real-time capabilities.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting of integration processes.
  • A dedicated CDK Third-Party Access Program support team.
  • When you chose a vendor in the CDK Third Party Access Program, you get these benefits:
  • No code is installed directly on your DMS, avoiding potential reliability, security, and data integrity problems.
  • Using approved vendors like UpdatePromise.com supports data quality and the performance of your DMS by monitoring the addition and/or removal of data that could otherwise put you at a greater risk of data corruption.
  • Integration saves you time and increases accuracy when using your vendor’s application.
  • UpdatePromise.com receives advance notification of changes to the DMS, supporting uninterrupted performance of their application and less chance of disruption to your business.

For your dealership to take advantage of these benefits, you are required to sign an Addendum to your existing CDK Master Service Agreement indicating your express consent to allow integration and access to your DMS. It must be signed by an authorized person for each of your dealerships.

UpdatePromise.com has now been authorized to use the CDK Global Approved Interface logo, a sign that you can feel confident about the security and convenience of their access to your CDK DMS.




Richard Pannazzo
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