UpdatePromise360 Integrates with DealerBuilt DMS system

by Richard Pannazzo - Tue, Apr 19, 2016 6:00 PM

UpdatePromise.com launches UpdatePromise360 integration with DealerBuilt Management System

Chino Hills, CA., April 20, 2016 – UpdatePromise.com, the Automotive Industry’s leading Automated Customer Retention platform, has officially released its DealerBuilt integration to power Dealership Service Drives and their Customer Retention programs. Utilizing proprietary algorithms to ensure timely and accurate customer updates and notifications, integrated data analytics and online marketing that drives measurable results, UpdatePromise360 is helping DealerBuilt customers maximize their sales while driving increased CSE.

“We have been asked for several years to bring our platform to the Automotive Service Drives based on our success in Auto Repair Centers across the country. Some of our largest corporate clients insisted on utilizing our technology to drive success in their related Dealership Service Centers. After crossing our 10 millionth connected consumer milestone, we believed it was time to enter the market” says Curtis Nixon, President and CEO of UpdatePromise.com

“The opportunity to integrate with companies such as DealerBuilt, who are cutting edge and pride themselves on real time customer communications to grow Dealership’s business, was a natural fit for UpdatePromise.com. Both companies strive to generate tangible value for our mutual customers. We are excited at the opportunity to participate in that mission.” Stated Rich Pannazzo, Chief Operating Officer for UpdatePromise.com

About UpdatePromise.com UpdatePromise.com the leading Automated Customer Retention provider in the Automotive Industry. The UpdatePromise platform has been an integral part of the success of over 12,000 Automotive Repair locations and 8 of the top 10 Auto Insurance companies in the U.S. Located in Chino Hills, CA UpdatePromise.com is experiencing tremendous growth and expansion in the Automotive Industry with its recent launch into Automotive Service Drives and is already integrated in 3 of the 4 major Dealer Management Systems. For more information, visit www.UpdatePromise.com

About DealerBuilt DealerBuilt is a provider of dealership management systems (DMS) for retail automobile dealerships. DealerBuilt’s integrated LightYear DMS has proven to be an effective solution for the operation of successful dealers and dealership groups of all sizes nationwide. DealerBuilt, located in Mason City, IA with branch offices throughout the country, has enjoyed steady growth as automobile dealers seek additional choices to manage their dealer operations. For more information, visit www.dealerbuilt.com


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