5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Review Site or Digital Marketing Company

by Richard Pannazzo - Fri, Oct 25, 2019 2:42 PM

5 Critical Factors to Consider when Hiring Marketing and Review Companies

There is a myriad of choices available to you when you want to invest in digital marketing or review companies for your business. It seems that every technology company has become an expert at these items overnight. While many of them are legitimate and viable options for your business, not all are created equal. As shop owners and operators, we asked ourselves what was most important to us when we looked for marketing and review sites?

Here are 5 things to look for when making your choice

  • Integration: Is the system integrated into your existing technology and workflow? Or will it require additional steps and/or work for your internal staff which adds additional soft costs to your marketing program? The most effective solutions are integrated into your system and do not require additional work.
  • Customer experience: Your customers are already receiving status updates, digital MPI forms and a follow up to ensure their service was exceptional from your dealership. On average, UpdatePromise Dealerships receive 17,000 real reviews from verified customers.
    Is this new initiative going to require an additional communication touchpoint to the customer or an additional action item for them to interact with you? Integration with the existing process and workflow is the least disruptive method of accomplishing your task.
  • Price and Guarantee: This service is already included in your UpdatePromise suite. There is no additional subscription required. Obviously, the companies that are most integrated with your existing systems and workflow will have the least cost and along with price and cost comes to guarantee.
    Does the company you’re looking to do business with stand behind their work? Is their guarantee surrounded with disclaimers and conditions? Products that work don’t require stipulations; they simply work.
  • Contracts: Why would a company make you sign a long-term contract if they deliver on their promises? Marketing and review companies that are confident in their products don’t require long term contracts. If they deliver on their promises each month, you’ll be happy to stay.
  • Transparency: What kind of reporting does the company offer to ensure you are receiving a positive return on your investment each month? Do they even have the capability to do so? If they do, are the numbers made upon assumptions or facts? While some assumptions may be required, are those assumptions modest or overstated?

With so many options, you may want to check into multiple companies before making a choice. If you’re new to the digital marketing and review game, try out a low-cost low-risk company to gain experience before committing to contracts or high costs. AutoRepair-Review.com is fully integrated with your management system, has no contract and offers a Guaranteed ROI without any additional cost within your UpdatePromise solution suite.

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