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Maintenance Repairs You Should Never Put Off: Tires

Your tires are arguably the most important component of your car. Why? They’re the only piece of equipment that are in contact with the road 100% of the time. Here at Lindsay Volkswagen, we know how important your tires are to your car's health. Here we explain why! They’re vital to your car’s operation, and also to your safety. Tire treads grip the road in the various types of weather that we can come across, including snow, rain, ice, or mud. 

Technically, if we only ever drove indoors or on dry roads, we wouldn’t need treads at all (NASCAR, for example). But, these grooves in your tire’s rubber are carefully designed to keep us safe by enabling the tire to maintain a solid grip on the road, and that we travel in the direction we steer.

Over time, tires can become worn down. Once tires are worn down excessively, they are considered “bald”. In some states, bald tires are actually illegal because they are so dangerous. To check if your tires’ treads are worn down too much, many people suggest the penny trick—place a penny in your tire’s tread, and “If part of Lincoln’s head is always covered by the tread”, you’re good.

But, luckily, lots of modern tires have “wear bars” that are built into the tire to help you recognize if it’s time to replace them. If you don’t replace those tires, you can put yourself at risk hydroplaning, unsafe heat buildup (which can lead to a tire blowout), loss of control on ice or snow, and ultimately, dangerous car accidents.

Well, what does “rotating” my tires do, you may ask? Well, by rotating the tires, it allows them to wear down more consistently, ultimately extending the life of the tire and keeping you safer by allowing the tires’ treads to wear down evenly on all four tires. Your owner’s manual will give you the specifics on how often you should plan to have your tires rotated, but the general rule of thumb is every six months or 7,500 miles. This can also change depending on your driving habits.

Not sure about your tires? Swing by, or give us a quick call. We’re always happy to help our clients and neighbors in the greater Sterling, VA area and beyond.

Source: Fix Auto USA, Tire Rack

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