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Carmakers Offer Smart Incentives to College Graduates

College Graduates love new carsYou worked very hard to get your college degree and now you might be able to save some real money on a car purchase as a result. With a wide range of automakers offering incentives and special deals to college graduates, your next car purchase might be a little more reasonably priced if you have a college degree. Here at Lindsay Volkswagen, we work on vehicles for a wide range of college graduates in Sterling and throughout the state of VA. So, here is some invaluable information about how recent college grads can cash in on exclusive carmaker incentives.

Several of today's automakers offer attractive incentives for people who recently got their degrees. Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and General Motors are really stepping up for college grads and almost every brand is helping in some way. Since these incentives change monthly, in many cases, it's imperative to be constantly checking with your dealer about what is available and if you qualify for all the benefits.

Save Money and Build Credit

The discounts and rebates featured in many of these programs are normally not huge, but the main advantage is that they will enable graduates to build their credit overtime. These special programs will allow recent college graduates to finance a car, even if they do not have sufficient credit to do it otherwise.  

Rebates are customarily in the $400-$1,000 range and not every manufacturer will offer financing assistance, so carefully study each program and make sure to ask all the right questions.

For college graduates who don't want to purchase a new vehicle, certified pre-owned cars are often eligible for special loan rates from certain carmakers. In addition to saving money, most certified pre-owned cars come with limited warranties, to give the new grad that coveted peace of mind.

It's a No-Brainer for College Grads There is wonderful freedom in car ownership for graduates

Applying for a college discount isn't as difficult as applying to college, so this should be a no-brainer for college grads. Some programs, like Ford, ask for only proof of current enrollment for students in good academic standing.

 If you're a graduate, typical requirements are:

• Proof that you graduated within the last two years or will be graduating within the next six months (diploma)

• No negative credit history (credit check)

• Proof that you are currently employed (pay stubs)

Of all the programs out there currently, Nissan is lapping the rest of the field by offering grads $250 below dealer invoice prior to all of the other incentives they're offering. Ford's program is also very good, offering up to $500 cash back for graduates, along with attractive interest rates incentives through Ford Credit. Conversely, Subaru's program doesn't feature any cash back incentives, but does offer a deal exclusively for college graduates to make it easier for them to finance or lease a new Subaru with lower rates. 

It's all too good to be true, right? There must be some small print, correct? Not really, many of these incentives are time-dated. Only fairly recent grads qualify, so if you graduated from college more than two years ago, you're out of luck. Otherwise, there are some great deals out there so go and get them!  

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